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[TUT] Creating Maps

Post  Admin on Sat Feb 27, 2010 8:21 pm


If you are banned, OR muted, there is ALWAYS a valid reason for it. The staff here at CG, will always have a reason before taking action against the accused person.

Your account, is yours, AND SOULY YOURS. We will NOT accept excuses such as: "My sibling did it" "I was not at the computer". It does not MATTER if you did not do it, it's the fact that is was done, it affects the server, and it's YOUR IP. Using excuses such as that will result in a thread locked and your request denied, because it shows that you're either careless with your account, OR, you don't have the courage to admit you screwed up.

To have an ATTEMPT - at least - at getting a request accepted, you must make an apology for the action you have done, AND THEN DO NOT DO IT AGAIN. If someone is a repeat offender, the requests will start to be denied automatically.

If you sincerely think you have done nothing wrong, and you have been banned for a wrong reason, post here, explaining the situation IN A MATURE WAY, and the staff will look into it. We have a lot to do, and I'm sure you don't want the updates to be delayed due to us having to deal with those immature, stupid requests.

If you HAVE done something wrong, like trying to hack, then your request for an unban will be decided depending on how active, how long, and how dedicated you have been to this server. Make a decent apology, ADMITTING you have committed the crime, and it will be considered.

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